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AlumaLAG is an acoustic composite combining a noise barrier bonded to a rugged aluminum jacket. Designed specifically to meet varied acoustic performance needs, AlumaLAG products offer versatile solutions for all pipe and duct noise control problems. They are available in smooth, corrugated and embossed jacket finishes over a 1.0 lb or 2.0 lb / sq loaded vinyl barrier offering aesthetics, protection and durability for exterior and chemical resistant applications.


Typically used in conjunction with a fiberglass or mineral wool decoupler, AlumaLAG is a simple and effective solution when both sound blocking capability and extreme durability are requirements for a pipe or duct noise control project.

Spec Sheets

pdf AlumaLag-10-032
pdf AlumaLag-10-16
pdf AlumnaLag-20-16
pdf AlumaLag-20-032
pdf AlumnaLag Catalog




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