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Our HVAC duct lagging product line is designed to offer significant reduction of radiated noise from HVAC duct casings. The lagging can be applied to rectangular or round duct and pipe systems.Industrial Pipe & Duct Wraps are mass loaded noise barriers with a reinforced foil facing on one side that allows for installation of matching lag tape.

Pipe & Duct Wrap Lag is available with a 1" or 2" quilted fiberglass decoupler. Standard rolls are 54'' wide x 30' long. Typically used to wrap noisy pipes and ducts to block the noise that transmits through the walls of the pipe or duct as air or other contents move through it as well as to increase the sound absorption in the cavity. It also provides sound absorption and thermal insulation around the pipe or ductwork. The 2" thick quilted fiberglass absorber improves low frequency acoustical performance.




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