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NEVA Noise Solutions is a leading New England based supplier of room acoustics and noise control products and services. At NEVA our mission is to listen to our customerís requirements, and provide professional and knowledgeable solutions to those needs.


With a well-versed staff, we take a proactive approach to gathering information, identifying solutions, generating proposals, minimizing lead times, and delivering our best on every application. NEVA Noise Solutions has proven success in a wide variety of applications to include supplying products and installations for: Room Acoustics, classrooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, conference rooms and churches, Noise Reduction - construction projects, HVAC equipment, manufacturing machinery, custom industrial applications.

We are proud to represent Sound Seal's Architectural line which includes; Acoustical Wall Panels, Noise Barriers, Sound Diffusers, Ceiling Clouds, Baffles and Banners, Acoustical Ceiling Tiles


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