They positively improve sound quality of interior rooms and outdoor environments and provide structure for walls and buildings with inherent performance advantages. Their three-fold performance of structure/absorption/barrier is provided within a single component acoustical wall system. Improve Sound Quality

SOUNDBLOX and SOUNDCELL ACMUs are practical solutions to effectively suppress problem noise and thus improve the acoustical atmosphere for safe, affable, human occupation. ACMUs provide healthier acoustical environments via two means of treating unwanted noise:

1. Reduce noise within an enclosed space through absorption and diffusion of sound energy within its core matrix
2. Suppress noise transmission to an adjacent room or space by structuring a robust sound barrier Provide Structure

SOUNDBLOX and SOUNDCELL ACMUs are utilized to construct versatile structures. ACMUs provide permanent walls comprising system performance characteristics and benefits not found with other wall systems and acoustical improvement products:

Strong, load-bearing (ACMU walls can support tons of structural loads)
Structural stability (ACMU walls can provide rigid shear strength to withstand wind loads)
Fire resistant (fire-resistive-ratings from 1 to 3 hours may be attained)
Tough, hard-wearing (wear & tear, abuse, and vandal resistant)
Minimal maintenance (only an occasional cleaning)
Durable (last for the life of the structure or building)